Saturday, April 16, 2011

travel photography

I took over 300 photos last week when we were on Grand Cayman Island. Taking photos makes me see better. Just looking through the viewfinder makes me see better. Photography makes me more aware. These coral stones covered the beach near the blowholes on the East End of Grand Cayman. Their marvelous texture of dots, zigzags, and stripes is something I don't want to forget and won't now because of these photos. Ned and I have been doing a lot of traveling these last few years, and I love the digital camera my kids gave me. Getting the photos into a format I can use for studio inspiration is my next challenge. Looking at them on a computer screen doesn't seem enough. Above is a photo of live coral taken through a glass bottomed boat.

British artist Polly Binns takes photos

and puts them into large books.

"I tend to take photographs in series, responding to one element which dominates on that particular occsion. I keep the photographs in large books in the studio, partly as a reminder, but they are also kept for themseles, as a separate activity. They inevitably form a part of my accumulated memory." Polly Binns


  1. So related to my recent post, Judy - I love the repeated patterns in nature and the coral stones are QUITE something. So different from the stripes and mineral bits in the stones from the river here.

    I have learned so much now with my new camera - it certainly helps me to see better - and to slow down and look closely for patterns and details. What a gift it is, it is definitely an important part of my creative process. In graduate school, a professor of mine once said that the camera is the new sketchbook. I graduated in 1994 and I am JUST understanding what he said these last few years. It really does take time for things to have meaning - not until we are "coooked" enough to get it!

    Thanks for the pattern inspiration!

  2. Glad you had fun with your camera! Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  3. Wonderful textures, wonderful inspirations. I love the last photograph... the subtle colours and textures of the rocks against the beautiful green leaves.

    Enjoy your travels.

    Jacky xox

  4. Seeing the beach photos online is strange. They look as if they were photographed as black and white, but these are all colour photos taken with an automatic setting on a digital camera.

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    thanks for sharing. these are great.


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