Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Time

It's time to leave. I'll miss my little balcony studio. I'll miss this more!


  1. Its not too bad at home....about 10 degrees an Toronto and sunny

  2. lynda Howells3:10 pm

    glad you had funxlynda

  3. Anonymous5:17 pm

    that's great judy!!

  4. nothin like a pair of best gals havin a float.

    hehee mom are you home tmrw? as in friday? I have something maybe you could read?/edit? hehee.

    i mentioned you in it, so you might want to check it. email or call me if you're home. love you! x

  5. We stayed in a duplex rental near Rum Point on Grand Cayman.

    We went with our friends Jane and Reg.

    In the swimming photo, that's Jane in black, and moi in the printed suit.


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