Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my time in Barbados

fabric strips and cotton embroidery floss on canvas

The panel in the front was stitched while in Barbados. The panel just behind it covers the eleven previous days. Visually, the trip was very stimulating. The colours in the architecture and foliage were brilliant and nourishing. The air was hot and humid. I was so impressed with the people I saw on the streets. I feel a respect for the Bajan culture and hope that these photos show that respect. In 2007, I studied batik with Gasali Adeyemo and he told his students that to dress well was a gift to others, a sign of respect.

I took most of these photos while walking. I asked permission from some of the subjects, but must admit that most were done quickly and because I was in love. I rarely post photos of figures, even though the human figure and how we each get through our lives is the main inspiration of my work. Concerned about ethics and boundaries, I offer these up to the internet with, as stated before, the greatest respect.


Karen Turner said...

Welcome back. And thank you for such marvellous photographs. Your stitching is always such a joy.

Jacky said...

A lovely insight into the people of Barbados and what wonderful photos!

Beautiful, beautiful stitching and the water in the background looks so inviting.

Jacky xox

Penny Berens said...

As if your spirit was lifted.

Velma said...

the photo of the young man and his bike is absolutely perfect. amazing! i like the color change as you experience a brighter, warmer place.

Deb said...

I love all these eyeviews..especially that little spot of sunlight on your foot!

Serena said...

these are beautiful judy! i know what you mean about being nervous posting photos online.

i highly enjoyed the colors in this post, as well as your stitched work in progress. i can't wait to see what all these marvelous pieces will be.

Dolores said...

How do you decide on what colour floss to use while stitching. Match the colour or don't match?

Jeana Marie said...

I think I'm in love with your panels. Your photos are brilliant, it sounds as though you had an incredible trip. I too am moved deeply by people.

Judy Martin said...

re: how I choose the colours.

From my stash and from my scrap basket, I choose about ten fabrics that seem to reflect the season or, if in this case of a tropical week, what I think I might see. (blues and greens)

Then, I pre-select about ten or twelve skeins of floss that either are analogous or complementary to the fabrics. I put the threads in a zip lock bag.

When it comes time to add a new fabric, I 'feel' the weather, my surroundings, etc. I use up the entire piece of fabric. Some pieces last for several days.

However, I use chance when selecting the daily thread. I put my hand into that zip lock bag without looking, and use whatever comes up.

It's like life, we just don't know what each day will bring.