Saturday, November 27, 2010

memory or hope?

Luce Irigaray speaks about the invisible self and how it is accessed by the caress. The caress helps humans, both genders, into intimacy with the self.

Our inner world is glimpsed through our hands. Using the senses, specifically the sense of touch, is the way to reach that temporary moment of loss and realization. The inner self does not respond to didactic thought, but to suggestions of experience, recollection, and dream. A thread, a mark, a colour, a pared down open space distract us and invite contemplation.

Le Nouveau Louvre opens today in Sudbury. An image of my other piece can be seen on Judy's update.


  1. I love the thoughts you have conveyed here and how very true they are. Hands seem to symbolize so much that is quiet but rich and resonates truths we could never communicate through language.

  2. i love irigaray and i love thinking about where does touch start and end, who is the first one? the wind?


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