Monday, October 11, 2010

nashville and micanopy

We had a wonderful visit with Ned's cousin Mary Martin in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a music producer/talent scout and this rather funky award from the Gibson guitar foundation is just one of the awards she has received for her work with legendary musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and others. I've linked to her grammy award (2002) here and the Louise Scruggs award (2009)here.

Mary took us to the Cheekwood to see an amazing exhibition of Dale Chihuly's work. We went in the evening so as to most appreciate the lit glass sculptures. Pictured is Chihuly's saffron tower, neon tubing

We also visited the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As Mary would say, "tra-la"
In Micanopy, Florida we visited Ned's aunt and uncle. That little town is so beautiful, especially the numerous live oak trees. His aunt Diana has worked hard to restore the historic Winecoff house that she and uncle Ron live in. It is gorgeous, and won a preservation award from the Florida trust in 2002. It (and other Micanopy historic homes) are pictured here).


  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Your photo of the saffron tower reminded me so much of yesterday's program on TV. Valerie Pringle was talking about the book "The Golden Spruce."

  2. What an amazing trip you are having...loved the saffron tower and Ned's relatives restored home.

    Safe travelling.

    Jacky xox

  3. I have to say Micanopy is just a beautiful little place. My husband and I live just outside of Gainseville and loving going there on our date times away from the kids. We just walk around and admire the beautiful live oaks.

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    Oh! You were right near me. I live in Knoxville...Love the photos of the Blue Ridge in the next post; having lived in the Appalachians and in Alaska, I have to say that down here is more like living in a soft cozy womb. Alaska has so many angles.


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