Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blue ridge

We are heading north. We drove the blue ridge parkway, or rather Ned drove while I tried to capture the immensity of it through the opened car window. Journal stitching was interupted constantly, but I did get some done. Although the fall colours were lovely, this post is about blueness.
Blueness and vastness and repetition. This trip is making me understand the united states in so many levels. I haven't processed them all yet. The original experience is a pale reflection of its repetition

A series of small disconnects

Moment after moment

The differences are endless

A new habit of looking

A way to organize the world

A way to integrate our fragmented selves

A way to heighten our experience

A way to set up an interior monologue

Infinite patchwork


  1. That looks like familiar territory :)
    Will be interested in hearing your thoughts on the US as you process them. Peter and I were able to spend a few nights in Asheville by ourselves (a gift from my parents) in June. Things were all a bloom then...you might even inspire me to post our photos one day. Safe travel and enjoy - sounds like you are having a fantastic holiday.

  2. I'm so glad you got to drive the Blue Ridge. When I drive to NY it's not the quickest route but I try to take at least part of the trip on the BR...it's amazing after the monotony of the piedmont of GA.

  3. yes, I'm also interested in your thoughts on the US. It certainly is a spectacular country geographically.

  4. purple mountains majesty...

  5. you're near me! so glad it's been a nice experience for you. we recently drove from the coast through the mountains and just that little trip was an experience. can't wait to read and see more.

  6. it's living close to the mountains, in the foothills, that keeps me here in the north country of ny. i love the blue ridge mountains, too, my folks came from them. i like seeing them through your eyes.

  7. Wow, this is turning out to be quite a trip.

  8. Judy, I just followed a link from gerdiary to your site and have been going through your entries. I am enthralled with the textiles...they have always been close to my heart and my life...and then when I got to this entry...I was home...literally home...you see, this is where I live...western NC just southwest of Waynesville & Cherokee...your photos look like the views I am blessed to see everyday...and I never tire of them...thank you for you entries...I will spend some time looking through your archives...I am especially intrigued by the couching peices...tactile, tasteful, tempting...


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