Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too many photos, too little time

collage of digital photos of a single drawing done in August 2008

This photo is from my "july 2008 and onwards" file in "judy's pictures". I have just spent half an hour looking (for a different photo). Could not find it, but felt I had to post something. Yes, digital cameras are wonderful and it's great to be able to take so many photos so cheaply and have them at one's fingertips in the computer, but who has time to sort them?

I did this collage after researching Muybridge two years ago.


  1. It does get a bit overwhelming at times. Much worse than the box/drawer full of prints that never make it into the photo album. At least they can be tangibly sorted and it's kind of fun to sit on the floor with images strewn everywhere...
    Lovely collage.


  2. Last night when i was too tired to write another paragraph for my dissertation but it was too early to go to bed, I sorted & organised a big batch of digital images. Most satisfying. I agree it is a task that needs to be kept on top of, otherwise it is chaos.


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