Thursday, June 24, 2010

the elephant in the church hall

I hope that you don't mind another circle project update. I have to keep rational thinking out of it and work beyond the fear of the extraordinary time or energy required. Last Thursday we took our tables and chairs and stitched out doors. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. In between the Thursday group sessions, I work on the project by myself six hours a day. In progress is 'mended earth', my nickname for the second of four meditation panels that will eventually be installed in the local church. Usually I put in three hours of hand piecing on the horizontal foundations and a fourth hour at the machine making the string fabric.

Then at the church I enjoy two hours of quiet hand quilting on the earth ark panel nearly every day.

There is work worth taking the time to create.
Without rushing.

It raises questions about being that are difficult to articulate.

What does it mean to be alive?
Does anything we do matter?


  1. those question sometimes burden me so i can't move. i've learned to engage and let go.

    what a meditation for you.

  2. I love posts about this massive undertaking. It is interesting on several levels.

  3. Your church quilt is absolutely stunning! I love the subtle variation in tone among all the tiny pieces. All the time and love that has gone into piecing this quilt is truly remarkable.

  4. I think this project is truly phenomenal on every level. I have been following it since its inception. I cannot believe the work skill ,dedication and creativity that is going into the work. truly inspirational. Then of course I follow your blog every day and love everything that you do and write about. Thank you, Marilyn Clulow

  5. Anonymous2:31 am

    I think everything we do matters to someone, but whether it matters in the whole vista of life on planet earth... as Velma says, that's one I can't think about too much. Like all your tiny pieces stitched together, maybe all the tiny things that matter make one big thing that really matters.

  6. Hi Judy
    I only came across your blog in the past few days and have spent some time going through Your work is amazing and really beautiful. Loved all your work...
    Thanks for your comment on my blog too.
    P.S. re. ordering from Amazon Japan - it took me a few times to order books from them too. Once you have it sorted out though, they are really fast & efficient in shipping out the orders.

  7. I think, my friend, that you are brilliant. LOL Penny

  8. what a fabulous project. i don't know the answer to that question but sitting and stitching always gives me plenty of quite time to think about it. i think what we make, and our persistence...documuments the asking.

  9. It reminds me of the intricate alterpieces women used to embroider in the middle ages. So much work, its production an act of worship.


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