Friday, May 21, 2010

zen circle

We're beginning the second panel at the Little Current United Church. It's the simplest design of the four, a large circle made from small pieces inside a square made from larger pieces. The original design was painted on paper last summer. Striped fabric is made by sewing two strips of tablecloth or silk lengthwise, cutting the result in half and sewing it together along the long edge, then repeating this process about three more times. This is then cut into narrow strips and hand sewn with back stitch onto the twelve horizontal foundation strips. At the same time Earth Ark, the first panel, is being hand quilted. This is a big job, and I went into the church hall three times last week to work on it. A small group attends the project every week. I had hoped that momentum would build.


  1. Anonymous8:27 pm

    I worked on a community textile once.
    In the end, once the going got tough, there were only two of us left to finish it. While pieces were small others were keen, but once it was all put together they lost interest. Wish I lived closer to come and help you with the quilting. I love watching the progress of all your work.
    Cheers Jan

  2. Judy, this is all so amazing I do not even have words...quite, quite breathtaking.

  3. this whole project is really amazing. so beautiful all the tiny pieces cut apart and all put back together.

  4. Judy: be not discouraged re momentum: it may build as "summer friends" return...and if not, you have a solid, loyal fan base!


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