Monday, May 10, 2010

akrasia, a new word for me

Why do we fail to carry out what we choose to do?
Akrasia is the inability to carry out what we plan to do. According to Aristotle it has has two parts.
a) weakness of will
b) impetuousness

This information is from the book, The Vehement Passions by Philip Fisher . I'm starting my dissertation research with learning more about the emotions.

I continue to stitch this piece of linen.


  1. a new word for me too, thanks for this judy. i fall sometimes under the impetuous category ;)

    how interesting your dissertation research on your emotions while stitching... so much to delve into. stitch by stitch as always.

  2. spontaneous? does that sound better? :)

    I'm sure I fall into either category on any given day...

  3. i think we need to focus on the word choose. we either do or don't

  4. I get akresia when there's chocolate cake

  5. This word is new to me, too. I'm thinking it must refer to Jung's idea of 'complexes' and that perhaps the best choice we have to make choices well, is to know ourselves. Looks like an interesting read. I like the tension creatied in your piece between motion and stillness.


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