Saturday, April 03, 2010

her art

I'm getting ready to post my work to England for this term. Today I photographed these heart shaped boxes (which I did not make). They are filled with journal papers. (which I did ) Click on these names to see thought provoking art work.

Alice Kettle likes working on a large scale.

Polly Binns makes grids of stitch on large pieces of linen.

Susan Lordi Marker uses iron and copper in dot patterns on cloth.

Deborah Fisher writes poetically about making.

Ann Hamilton asks questions that engage me intellectually.

Rachel Brumer uses whatever material she needs to tell personal yet universal stories.


  1. What a feast...the boxes of your journal pages look delicious. I've only had a quick look at the Alice Kettle link so far (amazing) but will slowly check out the others too, some names sound familiar...but I am terrible with names, I am. Hope your weekend is restful and all your work travels safely accross the pond. A very Happy Easter to you (do you get to spend some time with any of your dear ones?)

  2. What a great way to view so many artists work. Very creative and beautiful display of Art.

  3. These look very interesting, well done, I can't wait to see your work over here. Do let meknow if you are coming before your grad exhibition.


  4. This is so wonderful, Judy!


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