Sunday, April 04, 2010

easter nostalgia

Reading Jeana Marie's post about dyeing easter eggs with onion skins and silk with her daughters gave me a pang, and I dug out these ancient eggs. The two large ones are goose eggs, and they are at least 24 years old. I know that we moved across Ontario with them. Many of these eggs were blown before the kids dyed or painted them, others have just been left to dry out.
They are fragile, yes.
They are treasures, yes.


  1. I got all nostalgic seeing Jeana Marie's post too. I remember doing that when my boys were little too.
    Those goose eggs are wonderful!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter.


  2. Anonymous3:10 am

    I did something similar when I was about 13 or so - but I imagine the egg is long gone now. Fragile treasures indeed.

  3. Oh Judy! There is such beauty in fragility...I'm so glad you got out your eggs to show us. I am sitting here with my littlest on my lap (she's been sick again, her sister too), these first few years have passed so quickly and I am so grateful to be reminded to treasure these fleeting moments - these little hands.

  4. I just dyed my eggs this weekend, with blue berries, onion skins and celantro and thyme... smells great and makes fun eggs, and yours are gorgeous!

  5. mom i miss holiday crafts! hahah

  6. me, too! I cherish these memories.


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