Tuesday, March 23, 2010

self: blue robe

I spent most of last spring and early summer stitching this piece. Even though it had a million hours in it, it was not visually successful. Yesterday I brought the back to the front by rolling it onto itself and voila, the protective red thread frame sets off the isolated domestic image. I think it looks better now.

The front used to look like this, the back like this. It's so difficult to exhibit two sided pieces.

I'm putting it into the Greenwood Quiltery and Gallery exhibition that starts April 15 in Guelph, Ontario.

Never give up.


  1. I've been to that gallery once (my hometown), but i wish it had been this time!

  2. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I almost can't believe how much stitching there is in that piece. And how wonderful that just rolling the edges in can have so much impact. Really beautiful work. And thank you for coming to see my blog and for your kind words.

  3. "Never give up" indeed!

    Wonderful piece...luved clicking to see the back - a strong back for holding one together :>]]

  4. i think that the blue image would have been enhance by less stitching and maybe some trapunto. it is such a lovely motif.

  5. wow, stunning, and a real testament to effort applied over time! I wish I could see the blue figure closer up... it is hard to tell what is creating those folds...

    and, maybe this is too rule-drive ("work in threes") -- I'd love to see a speck of red in or near the figure -- a shoe peeking out?

  6. Hi Judy,

    Great to see your blog with your work and thoughts on.

    Wishing you all the very best from Cornwall,


  7. i like it. it's got something quiet about it.

  8. This piece is super, one of my favourites :)


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