Friday, March 05, 2010

spending time

Jane's sister and her husband have their boat in Elizabeth Harbour and we've spent time with them. Yesterday we met them at Stocking Island to watch regatta games and walk the beach. I've continued making components for the vague (and large) indigo ideas that are percolating.

It's synchronistic that Jude Hill is also creating with components.


  1. I love indigo, and am going to fence some off from the wallabies. They eat all my indigo leaves. Your indigo looks very beautiful. I have made some indigo batick cloth at Ubud in the artists workshop, my daughter is bringing it home for me next week. I cannot wait to see what it.


  2. you and Jude are doing such beautiful work with your makeshift design wall.

    Looks to be a wonderful holiday! Enjoy yourself...and all those blues - wow!

  3. maybe we are the components of something else entirely.

  4. your work is scrumptious and I love all the chairs lined up in a row! so nice to see the sun too! thanks!


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