Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Heroine's Journey

Where masculine creativity tends to move always forward, feminine creativity tends to turn round on itself, not circularly so much as spirally. It is constantly changing.

Finding out about being instead of doing is the sacred task of the feminine.

Being requires accepting oneself , staying within oneself.
A myth is a large image that gives meaning to the facts of ordinary life. Without such images, experience is chaos.

If a woman has not been initiated into a feminine mythology by her mother or grandmother, she has to develop her own relationship to her inner feminine.

(From my 1991 journal when I was reading The Heroine's Journey)


  1. Beautiful needle book and I like how you layered the shibori. Are all these fabrics dyed indigo in your vat? The blue is so lovely and dark.

  2. bravo! truly inspired writing, and fabulous work to match! thank you!

  3. Thanks for the lovely thought on this rainy day. Just what I needed to hear!

  4. great needlebook, really. and the stitched indigo piece is stunning.

  5. I find myself very intrigued by your needle book...

    and I am always in love with your work! I always want to write, beautiful, wonderful, amazing...but fear I am becoming repetitive, but I really mean it!

  6. Thanks about the needlebook. It was easy to make and came in very handy for travel.

    On each page are a few words from Leonard Cohen's poem.

    as many nights endure
    without a moon
    or star
    so will we endure
    when one is
    gone and far

    And yes, all the fabrics have been dyed in indgo - it just depends on the fabric content. Silk velvet takes the dye so strongly, it becomes midnight coloured. Rayon, silk, cotton, wool - I used all types and blends of natural fabrics.


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