Thursday, February 04, 2010

ancient faces, ordinary thoughts

weathered saint, from Rouen cathedral, photographed last spring

I live on an island, blessed with splendid isolation from urban life. When I drive to town I see wide expanses of water and sky. When I walk the dead end road we live on, I meet with deer as often as humans. I do thank the instant communication that the internet provides me. However, while what I write here is always true and relates to something real that has happened to me recently, so much is left out. another weathered saint, Rouen

Today I will spend the day stitching, it is my community circle day, yesterday I taught piano from 8 am to 6 pm , the day before I struggled with balancing skill development with encouraging personal imagery in the painting class I'm teaching. I'm so busy and involved with real people on very personal levels and I like it, but my inner place is losing focus. The nativity set is still up, the amarylis and the poinsetta just caved, and baskets of clean laundry stack up in the bedroom.

Just thought I'd write that down.


  1. Judy, this could have been my post today! I tried to say the same thing about balancing my life but not nearly so eloquently as you. It can be a struggle at times.

  2. you said for all of us!

  3. our nativity set is still up, I undecorated the tree, but it is not put away, leaning precariously against the wall and the basket of ornaments I keep meaning to sort has been pilfered twice by little hands to decorate their hair and dolls...I suddenly feel quite motivated!

    the face of the weathered saint is so expressive.

  4. Hey, at least it's baskets of clean laundry, not piles of dirty clothes everywhere! You can always dig and find something clean to wear, so I think you're doing pretty good. But I know, life can be overwhelming sometimes...

  5. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one with unsorted washing waiting for my attention...I only took the last of the Christmas decorations down on Tuesday. :)

  6. Seems there are a few of us in the same basket!!! My Christmas tree was undecorated on Jan 1. with all good intentions to be put away in the store room straight away....well that happened on Monday (and only because we had visitors coming).
    I think January has been an unsettled, busy month...maybe February will bring focus?

  7. Anonymous4:48 am

    The washing, the fake nativity, the plants will not love you or value what you have shared today after you are gone. Sharing your time and your skills with others is your blessing, that will come back many times over in unexpected ways. We all have dead plants, laundry and unfinished tasks. we don't all have skills to share.
    Cheers Jan


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