Monday, January 18, 2010

wonky log cabin

indigo dyed silk, linen, wool, velvet, rayon, cotton, and hemp, hand pieced on 10" muslin square Log cabin is made by sewing strips in a spiral manner around a central square. A stitch and flip block, it has been used creatively for ages. I make log cabin on foundation fabric of uniform size, handy when it comes to joining blocks together. The pencil lines remind me to be wonky within that limitation. The playful hand painted bowl in the photo is a gift from Grace, brought back from Turkey for us. I've started the process of dipping and oxidizing the rye paste resisted fabrics in indigo - shall keep you posted on the results.


  1. i see little chatty animals in one of the rectangles on the right.

  2. The shades of indigo and the variety of materials looks fantastic on the rough log cabin patch. The contrast in blue is very nice. And this rye resist looks very interesting. Will be very keen to see how it eventuates.


  3. wonky log cabins seem to be my favourite at the moment :)

    your blues are dreamy and the rye resist is looking interesting too. I am wanting and wishing to spend more time dyeing cloth...

  4. this is so fun. love the resist piece oxidizing away, like nothing's unusual about the magic.

  5. I love the resist piece, what a great effect you are achieving.
    And, your wonky log cabin in the hues of indigo is lovely... I just love the individual pieces of cloth you are able to make dyeing your own fabrics.


  6. I love what Velma said - "like nothing's unusual about the magic".

    She's right - indigo is so amazing because of that magic. For a while it didn't look as if the resist was going to work, but now, I think it might!

  7. Anonymous3:21 am

    The indigo fabrics are perfect. Stitching wonky log cabin on a foundation is such a good idea.

  8. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I enlarged your wonky log cabin picture to see more closely your penciled foundation background, it is way coool. it looks like your just making them up as you go ?? I love that : ) your own dyed indigo fabrics are to dye/die for, ha : ) I have had some fun with resist techniques so I too will be watching for your results. thanks for sharing, love it all : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ


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