Saturday, November 14, 2009

Margaret Atwood

inside out dress, ink on paper
"It is dangerous to believe that success will make your measure. Success can always be taken away from you.
There are only two things that are important: The writing for its own sake and a central private life." When asked in 1972 what she wanted, it wasn't fame. Rather , Margaret Atwood said

"Just more of the same. I have it now."

this from Rosemary Sullivan's biography of Margaret Atwood, The Red Shoes.


  1. Oh my gosh, the way you phrased that, I thought she had passed! I had to Google immediately to make sure she was still alive (which she is). :)

    I had the great pleasure several years ago, of attending a dinner party in her home. A close friend of mine lived down the street from her and said to me, "If you get a chance, please tell her much I love her gardens." I did have a chance, and as a result, she took me on a private tour of them, late in the evening, the foliage and the stone paths glowing dimly in the light from the house, as the laughter and tinkling carried from the open windows.

    She, as is evident from your qoute here, was a gracious and grace-full hostess, and I think, woman.

  2. What a beautiful story about one of my most admired women. Thanks for that.


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