Sunday, November 15, 2009

the dress again

I've been working with the motif of my black dress for the last few weeks. The experiment pictured here uses one of my favourite combinations of materials, hot wax and ink. It's not finished yet but I'm putting this image up anyway because I'm excited about what happens with wax. Wax ages things with a fragrent transparent layer. It removes the artist's control of the image and replaces it with chance and intuition.

Its about the inner self in contrast to the presented self.
Its about invisible emotions and the visible control of those emotions.
Its about being here. It's also about being elsewhere.


  1. It's a fabulous image Judy.

  2. I feel that I rushed it - rubbing ink off that I had put on - but on the other hand, it was a "rush" to be working so directly. It's a contrast to the slowness of hand stitch.

  3. do you leave the wax in?

  4. No Jude, I usually iron it away. What is so cool is that I use a good piece of art paper or fresh cloth as a 'removal' paper and get an entirely new image - more ethereal. Still have to do this today in the studio - shall post the result if it's any good. In fact, even if it's not good I will post it.

  5. I love this -- how big is it?


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