Saturday, September 12, 2009


These are four images from the short digital presentation I'm scheduled to give TOMORROW, September 13, to the congregation during the Sunday church service of the United Church in Little Current.

These forms (circles within squares) look both ages old and brand new. They communicate celebration and affirmation. They are inspired by nature and ecology.

The materials will be recycled white and cream coloured damask tablecloths, recycled wool blankets, new silk, and new white linen.

The pieces will address ideas of re-use, repair, and celebration. Cutting up the existing tablecloths ruins them, yet the reconstruction of the fabric into beautiful and reverent wall pieces acts like a metaphor for reparation of the earth.

The project is slow cloth, with the artist and the wider community meeting to do the hand work over a period of one, perhaps two years in order to complete it. The result will be contemporary life affirming objects for meditation.

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