Sunday, September 27, 2009

earth sky connection

Rose came to my studio yesterday to pick up this stitched waxed piece that she purchased during the art tour last July. I'd been meaning to photograph it all summer but because it's so large (22 x 45 inches)it's a hassle to remove the glass. I'd been waiting until I had more free time. Ha.

Anyway, I wanted a document of how it looks finished. I'm sure if I need a better photo, I'll be able to get one.


  1. i love the dotted effect on this.

  2. I love the piece...I imagine them to be crows although I've never seen crows congregate so close together.

  3. they are red winged blackbirds and yes, those birds do sit on wires close together.
    Red winged blackbirds congregate around marshy areas. They remind me of my childhood because us kids used to see them when we walked to school.


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