Monday, September 28, 2009

assessment time

I have been slaving away for the last two weeks trying to get the paper work done for the liturgical embroidery course I'm taking through the Julia Caprara School of Textile Art in the UK.Seriously, I have been truly slogging it. One of the things I was asked to do was to make a technical handbook. This has been such a hurdle that I've procrastinated until the very end. I just had no idea how to go about it (and why) but I'm pleased enough by my invention of sewing four sheets of loose leaf together and using a binder to hold it all. Half the difficulty of studying by distance is figuring out what to do just from phone conversations and written directions. There are no visual clues (I mean seeing what others are doing and such). I'm still not done this part of the assessment and had better get back to it because the plan is to put everything into the mail tomorrow on our way to Alaska.


  1. Hi Judy, I'm about to make my choices for the second level of the degree and was thinking of choosing Liturgical Embroidery. It's hard enough knowing what is meant when you live in the UK but must be harder still from afar. Have a good trip to Alaska.

  2. well, this looks like another great blog to follow. am glad i found you through robyn. the work shown here is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I came here from art propelled...I can see why she loves your blog.
    I've promised myself a long overdue early night but I will be back her soon to take a longer look around.

    Love the book BTW. I just finished extramural study and no what you mean about the lack of visual clues and inspiration from other peoples work. Love what you did though!

  4. oh i understand how difficult it is to visualize the project and set it onto paper......i am new to your blog and happy to have found you.....

  5. I am so glad now that I did this technical handbook. I will be starting to work with the community and actually do some of the techniques I've outlined in it. The book is in England right now, but hopefully will be returned by the beginning of November.
    I NEED it.


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