Friday, September 18, 2009

craft theory

Working with craft media is a viable alternative for artists. Craft is an alternative creativity, resistant to the modernist notion of the heroic genius. Craft workers make objects and those objects give us ways to know ourselves. They gather their meaning through use and act as vehicles for identity and memory. Wearing objects such as jewellery and textiles shows who we are.

This new definition does not require ‘art’ to change, but it does allow craft to enter the art world. Craft theory realises that craft practice is as reflective as fine art practice and that craft is so interconnected with global human activity that it can transform existing culture.


  1. i think that there needs to be a more clear analysis of the difference between craft and "arts and crafts".

  2. I think that the 'arts and crafts' designation has been what has caused craft media generally to be ignored by euro-north american art history.

  3. I like the word 'craft'. It implies care, expetise, and a specific kind of skill. Art combined with craft is the highest level of aesthetic achivement in my opinion. There's plenty of one without the other but not a lot that combines both.

    PS Lovely blog!


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