Saturday, September 19, 2009

Common Thread 2009

The World of Threads Festival grand opening happens tomorrow in Oakville, Ontario. I had planned to attend, but can't manage any more 'away' time this month.

According to the organizers there were so many good pieces that three venues were needed for the Common Thread exhibition. My piece, Memory of Wikwemikong, will be showing at the Towne Square Gallery from now until October 4.

The website gives web links for some of the artists and I visited these three.

Caitlin Erskine-Smith
Valerie Knapp
Stefanie Koelbel


  1. Hi Judy,

    This is a wonderful quilt I do hope the exhibitions go well. You may have heard from Chris Spencer that the Eastern Region Textile Forum has just has its first exhibition in Cambridge, it gone really well. There are some photo's on Chris's blog.
    I hope you enjoy the next module for JC.
    Good luck jenny Leslie

  2. I attended the World of Threads festival and went to several of the exhibitions in Oakville.
    I would say that I was very lucky to be placed in the Towne Gallery, because the pieces were so well displayed and the other work there was of high calibre.
    We also found some other things to look at in Oakville like the Oakville Galleries at the Gainlach gardens where you can go on a Janet Cardiff walk.

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