Monday, August 17, 2009

circles within squares

I searched through recent Fiberarts, Embroidery and Surface Design Journal magazines to find other artists who are using circle within square imagery and have been richly rewarded. Pamela Fitzsimons Walking Werakata 4 2006 Silk, plant dye, rust print, layered, hand-stitched 26.5" x 25.5"

Pamela Fitzsimons is from Australia. Her colours are obtained from local plants, her stitches are obsessively close but essential. Her work is calming but also engages us cognitively. (Image and this related text are from an article by Kate Lenkowsky in Surface Design Journal spring 2009)
Helen Parrott Red Circle 2000 - 2002 Tied quilting, calico and linen thread 229 by 229 cm

Helen Parrott is from England. Her work is best seen as conceptual. Red Circle took two years to make and may signify a possible resolution of her preoccupation with the powerful dynamics of the circle within the square. The piece suggests a vast celestial sphere as well as a microscope's magnifying of minute life-forms. The viewer's response to the variety and indviuality of the shapes assumed by her tied threads lives on in the mind and in the memory. (Image and this related text from an article by Ian Wilson in Embroidery Volume 53, November 2002)

I also looked some more at the work of Japanese artist Yoshiko Jinzenji and have profiled her recently on my new blog, Modernist Aesthetic.


  1. thanks for sharing those----absolutely breathtaking

  2. Jude is working on circles too...

    All beautiful...


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