Thursday, August 13, 2009

blankets stitched

I've managed to get into my studio every afternoon this week, and may be getting used to the social workers that have started renting a suite of offices next door. Sidetracked by an older piece from re purposed wool blankets, I believe I've stabilized it by stitching it to some commercial felt that Oona gave me last spring.

Jay and Erika are still here - it's nice.


  1. what a jolt---happy wise and colouring, i mean---from the paler work you've shown lately! my eyes are very awake as is my imagination button :}

    the colours in this are SO vivid! are you using commercial colourways or doing your own dye baths? and what are those bumpys--they look quite intriguing!

  2. All of your work is just stunning, Judy! I wish I understood the techniques better. I would love to see a show.


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