Friday, June 05, 2009

installed at home

Somewhere there are heirlooms, mixed media with stitch 2008

Kids are arriving today and yesterday I got the bedrooms ready. One task was to figure out what to do with these large wall pieces from last summer's red thread exhibit. (they were being stored rolled up in one of the rooms).
Slipping Glimpser, mixed media with stitch 2008

Voila! I put them up! It's a treat to look at them again and I think April and her friends will enjoy them in the bedrooms.
Only the earth lives forever, mixed media with stitch 2008

Ned has not said a thing even though the piece directly above is in OUR bedroom.


  1. It's always nice to have them on walls to look at. I hung mine up even though dear youngest son didn't like the idea. It's not his house and I like looking at my quilts. I'm sure your daughter and her friends will enjoy looking at your work.

  2. I love the red pieces and I love the color of your walls behind them. I have several different colored walls in my house and people always comment on how brave we are to paint our walls color.


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