Sunday, June 07, 2009

Full House

It was Ned's birthday yesterday and I baked a maple cake. We had a small crowd around the table which was really nice. April and 3 friends drove over from Montreal (they also brought their dog) and Sandy and Sue, our University era friends came from the other direction, Thunder Bay. Oona phoned and she and nearly three year old Everett are arriving tomorrow. They'll be here for nearly two weeks.

Light of the Moon (above) will be on exhibit at the LaCloche art show in a few weeks. The pamphlet and poster are out and they both look wonderful. I'll post more about that soon.


Diane Cransac said...

What a beautiful piece, I just love it!

mansuetude said...

saw this on Robyn's blog.
What a sacred symbolic dream scape--

lovely and soothing.

ale balanzario said...

Beautiful piece, great work!