Monday, May 18, 2009

Wax Experiments

I have been procrastinating in regard to the LaCloche 'workshop'. It's on the same day as the award presentation and open to all participating artists. It's only two hours in length and sometimes, apparently, draws 50 participants. There's no way that it can be hands-on. I've been trying to think about what I could possibly show all those painters and photographers? Yesterday I got out the electric fry pan and worked (played) with one of my favourite unknown quantities, wax.
The technique demands intuitition and courage and works as well on paper as on cloth. These pieces are on watercolour paper and are still in progress.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your work. Would you call your wax experiments Encaustic Art? I recently took an encaustic class where we created wonderful things using colored wax and a travel iron--loved the technique.

  2. My technique is more like batik - I use the wax as a resist. However, thanks for reminding me about that tinted encaustic wax you can buy in blocks. I purchased some last year and have not used it yet.
    I had been thinking this morning while lying in bed about tinting wax myself with pigment or inks.

  3. still here, still reading, still savoring. i've been turning over the idea of using cold wax on some of the earlier (messier) stitchings i did of nancy's drawings. i mean since i need to redo them anyway.


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