Sunday, May 17, 2009

the beauty of time passing

Motherhood pushed me into being an artist. Terrified of missing the wonder and the beauty of time passing before my eyes - so quickly from baby to 21 years - I trapped her and the other 3 on film and watercolour paper. The alternative (dizzing, undocumented change) is somehow horrible to comtemplate.

Now I document the change of seasons, the time of day, how grass grows, or leaves change colour. There's a difference however because nature is time-less. Nature has been here forever and will be here forever. I suppose this is why people yearn to be near nature. It is peaceful, secure, and forever.

Oona age 5, first day of school.

Her baby last summer, age 2

Even while nature changes, it doesn't get old - it just changes. Humans are part of nature, connected to eternal timelessness but we are too busy to notice.

(from my 1999 journal)

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