Thursday, May 28, 2009

trees in France and Belgium

I'm still processing all the images and feelings taken in last month when we were in Europe. The trees there have different patterns than I'm used to, some forced on them by humans, others by nature.


  1. I LOVE tree images!!!

    What are those clumps on the trees in the first photo?

  2. I believe that they are some kind of parasitic growth but I find them oddly beautiful and amazing. It's startling to see all these dotted trees all over northern france and belgium. Once the trees leaf out, you can't see them any more.

  3. I believe those globes in the trees are mistletoe. It grows in hardwood trees here in Georgia, although not nearly as densely as in the photo.

    And that award is well deserved.

  4. Thanks Deb,
    I should really look things up before I make assumptions. I love the idea that they might be mistletoe.


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