Saturday, May 09, 2009

This is art

Jon Butler contacted me by email last Tuesday. He sent me a list of things to do to prepare for my distinguished artist gig at this year's LaCloche art show. The committee is publishing a pamphlet.

1. Photo of yourself for the front page.

2. Photos of art that you will have in the show for sale along with the medium and titles. 5 or 6 would be great.

3. Your bio. (400 -500 words).

4. Photo of the piece that you will be donating for the raffle prize along with title, size, medium and value. This will also be used for the poster.

5. The title of your workshop on July 3.
I am going to exhibit textile art at the LaCloche. The question remains: "Why does it take so much courage even for me, to call this art?"


  1. Good luck with finding the courage. I hope you textile art will have a good reception from the organizes and the public.

    I like the piece featured in this post whatever label you attach to it.

  2. the truth is, i find it hard to call anything art. i will probably get beat up for that. whatever we call it, your work is filled with something that fills me with confirmation. i always want to see more.

  3. Art is a stupid word. An overused and underused word. A word that has people policing it. Your gorgeous imagery and wonderful skills qualify as much as any I've seen for the title of "art" but you don't have to feel obligated one way or snother, I don't think...

    Sending good vibes and I hope you find a resting spot in the struggle.

  4. This is most certainly art. I have read a lot of posts today to catch up and chose to comment on this one because it is so beautiful. I also love the trillum(?)but don't know what one is!


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