Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laughter, friends, memories

Wim, Marjan, Ned at the airport.

We spent a day at the end of our trip with Marjan and Wim before they put us on the plane in Amsterdam. Lots of food - all home made and delicious, lots of laughter.

We laughed about Ned and I going the wrong way TWICE trying to get into Paris on the outer ring road, giving up finally and following the traffic the long way round.

We laughed about how panicy I get at train stations. Ned had gone to look for a place to stamp our tickets when the train came in. "Ned, don't leave me!" I cried through all the backs and shoulders of the other passengers between us. Safely on the fold down seat of the train with our luggage all around me, watching the Dutch landscape I thought to myself "I never thought I would say those words."

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