Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gloria, my sign of spring

Today I drove the 40 minutes over to Mindemoya to visit Gloria, my framer. Water brimmed in the ditches and it was sunny. Together we chose frames for some of the drawings I did last summer and for this linen stitching. It's not often that I put textiles behind glass. These pieces are either for the Perivale gallery which opens in May or for my LaCloche gig in early July.


Jackie said...

These drawings are beautiful.
I know what you mean about textiles/glass. Some people won't buy them unless they are behind glass.But it deadens them.

Judy Martin said...

One thing about putting raw edge pieces like this behind glass is it gives them a finished look. Lifts them from unfinished into art. However, I agree with you Jackie, about the fact that something is lost.