Thursday, March 05, 2009

light of the moon

Unable to settle after our week away, I finally took myself off to the studio for some art therapy. I think this piece is finally finished except for a bit of hand stitch. Thanks for your suggestion, Deb.


  1. I think Cuba did you more good than my suggestions. I LOVE this piece.
    The order/not-order and the richness of the colors so appeals to me.

    If you are ever inclined to part with it maybe we can work a swap.

  2. This is incredibly gorgeous, I love the repetition of circles and dots, and the colors. Is it fabric and paper? I really love the painting you have done in the last few months.

  3. wow! nice piece of work. very loose. funny, how we do such interesting work when we stop trying so hard. did you paint on paper or cloth? tell us more about the materials you used.

    love the cuba photos.

  4. This piece is on artist canvas. I started it by reading an old journal page and tearing out just one sentence to set the 'mood'. Then I made an arrangement of magazine paper, post cards, a letter, some scraps of fabric etc and attached them to the canvas with acrylic medium.
    The next step was to paint over everything with molding paste mixed with pigments of some sort and then carve into that painting with a lead pencil. The dots were done this way.
    So it's a combination of fabric and paper - but I would say that basically it's an acrylic painting on canvas.
    The piece came to a stop because of a beautiful postcard that I could not cover up. The Girl with the Pearl Earring image by Vermeer from a post card sent to me by my friend in the Netherlands. I thank Deb Lactivia who suggested the piece was better without that face. I've worked on this since mid January - and have shown it quite a few times in progress in the blog. Thanks to you all for good feedback.

  5. I adore this piece of art. The colours and shapes are my favourites. This is so rich, I could see it painted on velvet too.


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