Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cuba Journal

It's difficult to narrow down to 7 the 400 photos I took last week in Cuba. During the entire time I was awestruck by the picturesque beauty of the place and by the resilience of the friendly Cuban people. Pictured above, an airy corner of our hotel room, taken on our first day there. (Wednesday) Thursday - a day at the beach.
Friday - we joined a bus tour and went to Havana for the day. Saturday - another beautiful (and hot)day on the beach. Sunday - we travelled by jeep into the countryside and visited a local farm (interior of the house is pictured). I'll likely share more photos of this day. Monday - there was a red flag on the beach to signify that it was too rough to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Tuesday - a typical view from the bus window as we went to the airport to fly home. At the airport we purchased some CD's of Cuban music.

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  1. Wow Judy that sea looks wonderful and the buildings, all that texture!I would kill for a bit of sun at the moment but know I'll be lucky to get a week away in Dorset this year the way things are. Hey ho, back to the books.


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