Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dial up / face book / blog / broad band / browser / click the mouse

Well, you can't have everything. Although I'm lucky enough to live in a really beautiful and peaceful place we do NOT have access to broadband internet access. I write this blog using a dial up computer and an out of date browser. It manages to work and so I am able to connect with the wide world and love to do so. However, over the weekend I signed on to Facebook and although it has been really nice to be welcomed by the friends and colleagues I have there I am not able to put anything on my 'wall' or to confirm those who have added me as friends.

Nothing happens when I click the mouse. Ned has promised to update our browser and I hope that works.

Pictured is a detail from a crib-sized wall quilt, "The future is not ours to see" from 1988.

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