Monday, February 02, 2009

Other Ways of Knowing

My thesis:

In all of the literature about modern aesthetics and art history, sight has been privileged over all the other senses. Artists practising in the last half of the 20th century challenged this with other ways of knowing.


  1. Something I have been looking at too-I have looked at the theories of Merleau-Ponty and am still trying to understand. Touch is very important in this kind of looking. When I travelled in the Middle east I was fascinated by how reflexive touch was for both women and men.

  2. Dijanne

    This is so true. Janis Jefferies talks a lot about this in her essay in the new book Contemporary TExtiles, The fabric of fine art published by black dog last year.
    She uses the word haptic which I love - to refer to this sense of touch as being a way to know. It's great information for us textile artists.


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