Friday, June 27, 2008

The Roof Project

stainless steel screening, polyester sheer, metallic thread
I've spent the last couple of months considering the shiny metal oblong of a barn roof. What does a barn roof do? It shelters animals from wet, cold, wind and keeps hay and seeds safe and dry. Like everyone else, I am concerned about the way that humans have changed the earth’s environment for the worse. I am a mother of four grown children who have been recently launched into this precarious world. If I could make an invisible roof to cover and protect my children wherever they may fly, I would. Wouldn’t any mother? But they must take their own risks, and for the good of us all, they must decide on their own future. plastic slide sleeves, maple keys, lupine pods and seeds, pussy willows, variety of threads
I began to make roof samples and found that one would lead to the next. I found the process of working through ideas and handling a wide variety of materials opened me up. It was difficult to stop thinking of new projects. Wool felt, copper and aluminium metal, white shiny cloth like satin and taffeta, blue sky, bird imagery, safety pins, vertical oblongs, cross-stitch, stainless steel screen, seeds, quilts, rolls of hay, on and on. These are some of the materials and imagery that have fed the roof project.


  1. your work is wonderful, i have really enjoyed visiting here.

  2. Hello Judy, I love your roof project piece pictured here. It seems magical and this makes me believe in its protective properties! I appreciate your soulful and thoughtful work very much. Would it be OK to place a link to your blog from my blog? Thanks.


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