Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Thread Rack Card

This is the "rack card" available at the Gore Bay museum. Since there is not much information yet in Little Current about the show I put one of these on the post office bulletin board and one on my studio door.

It was having the children that made me realise how fragile we are, how vulnerable, how mortal.
The work in this exhibition has been inspired by my study of world textiles. I’ve learned that both identity and protection are evident in the surface decoration of garments. Red is the most common and the most powerful colour used, often stitched over the vital organs or around the neck. Shiny objects like mirrors, metal and sequins are applied to reflect and confuse the evil eye.

The beautiful handwork from these far away places and times also carries with it the maker’s slow and thoughtful caress. I am inspired to make similar energy objects with my own hands.
Art is part of life, not separate. My art contains my worries and hopes, it understands.

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