Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks Dad

My father has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We had the first TV in our small community when I was a child. He had a radio set in his car so we could give him messages while he was on the road while I was growing up. He's always provided me with cameras from the age of 16...and computers and scanners after that. His latest gift was an LCD projector so that I would be able to create digital image lectures at home and then show them without the stress of using unfamiliar equipment. I used this projector on Friday here in Kingston, and want to say thanks, Dad.

Pictured here at age 29 with my older brother. photographer unknown.

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  1. My Father was so different. He kept us from having a TV, so I grew up knowing nothing about all the shows familiar to other students in public school. I was sheltered up until 5th grade, as I was in a Mennonite private school, so transitioning to public school was tough for me. That is a nice remembrance of your Father.


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