Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cloth to stitch.

Dyed and overdyed linen, cotton and rayon fabrics sorted and bagged for this weekend's workshop. This is the first time I have presented the Power and Beauty workshop, and am a little jittery about it. Hilary Scanlan, the organizer of Fibreworks in Kingston asked me to 'Just let us know you. Show us how you begin, where you get your ideas from.' That sounds easy enough, but it's not. It's easy to show people how to do a contour drawing or how to do curved piecing. It's easy to show children how to play a major scale. It's not so easy to show where ideas come from. Maybe I'm bringing dyed fabrics because ideas sometimes come from the materials themselves.

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  1. the fabric looks lovely. can't wait.don't worry class will be great. I'm really looking forward to it. It will all be OK if we all arrive safe & sound with this lastest storm headed this way


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