Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quilts are Journals

At first the quilts I made were unconscious autobiographical documents, then they became determined ones. My quilts hold me together, both while I’m making them, and later when I look at them.

Over and over women say that the purpose of making a quilt is to express their love. The effort and time required to make quilts cause them to be valued not just for their own sake, but also as tangible evidence of an abiding affection for family members.

Quilts also tell a history of women. They are the receptacles of passions and attitudes; of anger as well of love. They connect us to ourselves. They demonstrate the dogged will to make somehting extraordinary in the midst of family routine. They give all who see and touch them a sense of wholeness. They give women the power of making.


  1. Love these words about quiltmaking Judy. I think they apply to all textile arts.

  2. This school house quilt is wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary quilting.


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