Friday, February 08, 2008

Ghada Amer et moi

Ghada Amer was born in Egypt in 1963 and grew up in France. She will be having a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum this year, opening February 18. Her work references the colour, size and drips of abstract expressionist painting. In fact her work resembles abstract expressionist paintings when it is seen from a distance, but once you get close, everything is very delicate and feminine and neatly stitched. A web of threads slowly reveals a veiled erotic image. The loose threads dangle like paint drips.
Q. How is she able to introduce embroidery into that sacrosanct realm of high art?
A. She breaks rules on both fronts. By introducing thread into her paintings, she blatantly puts forward what has always been regarded as a particularly feminine craft tradition into the fine art world. At the same time she imports an untraditional sensual piquancy into the traditionally pristine realm of women’s stitchery.

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