Monday, August 06, 2007

cottage cloth

We've just spent ten days without internet access and survived. I've enjoyed making matronly decisions about sheets and curtains at the cottage. While there (along with swimming two or three times a day) I continued my explorations in wrapping. I wonder at the unexplainable feeling of safty that I get from this repetitive action. I love the eccentric results. Here are twigs.
Here is a


  1. Just looking at the wrapped twigs makes me want to twirl and wind. We must have been spinners or basket makers in another time.

  2. Phil Gunyon6:30 am

    That is surely the verandah at Puckwana. I last visited from Bayfield a couple of years before Douglas died. Both he and Ruth were there and she showed me the family tree on the wall, which I copied to put in my family history database. She also put me in touch with the Stolls of Meadville, PA. I love the Ojibway item too.


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