Tuesday, July 17, 2007

two weeks remain

It's hard to remember that I have work still on exhibit in Almonte, Ontario. About a month ago the acting curator, Erin Snow, sent me an email about response to the work.

"I have had a lot of people coming up to me to comment on how much they like the Millennium Journal, but almost all of them have no words to describe what they think by the time they come back downstairs! I have heard a lot of people repeating “wow” and “amazing” etc. They really are being blown away by it. However, that is the most coherent info I can get out of them! Glancing through the guest book it looks like most of the comments written there are similar. So, as I expected, everyone is really loving this exhibition. I think in general that visitors are overwhelmed with the immensity of the project as a whole and the quality of the exhibition, which is why there are so many monosyllabic responses. Most of our visitors are not used to seeing this amount of work done by a single person, especially anything with such depth."

Millennium Journal runs until July 29 at the Mississippi Vallety Textile Museum.

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