Thursday, June 21, 2007

save your own self

I am preparing to teach Fabric and Paper Collage in Elliot Lake on Saturday. While gathering materials and samples I came across several images I'd done of my mother, who passed away one month ago today. This collage is from one of my journals.

She always encouraged me to find my own self. To follow my own interests. To save my own self and my own sanity. This advice from her during our weekly phone calls gave me the inner strength to go ahead and do what I wanted (and needed) to do in order to become the artist I was meant to be yet still also be a good mother and a decent wife.


  1. Emily1:06 am

    Hi Judy! I love your work! I have you as one of my favorites and I look forward to updates everyday.

    I make similar work and would like to post it on a blog as you are doing. I am curious to know what type of computer you work from. I am looking to purchase a new laptop and am trying to get feedback from artists who are not solely graphic/computer artists. Kind of random, yes. Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Hi Emily
    I use a desk top PC. Because of where I live I have dial-up , so everything takes a bit long.
    One important thing to have on your computer is adobe photo-shop, because it's necessary to re-size your for images to view on the web.

    It's really super easy and I love gathering my artwork and thoughts together in this way.

    Good luck and let me know when you have your blog ready to go.


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