Friday, May 25, 2007

silk over linen

I have begun a new piece. My study of Rothko and the limestone buildings of Kingston are just two of the influences.

"the tragic irreconcilability of a violence that lies at the bottom of human existence and the daily life that must deal with it." Mark Rothko


  1. that is extraordinary. It reminds me of those old japanese fishermen's jackets that were repaired and repaired, until they are works of art. Wonderful!

  2. this work is stunning!
    and our beloved rothko ,great quote.
    although i've always wondered about mrs. rothko tending the daily minutiae.

    neki desu

  3. Actually, there were two Mrs. Rothko's according to my research. The first one made wonderful jewelery and was quite successful. The second one (mell is her name) had two children with Mark Rothko. Kate and Christopher. She also tended to the daily art making.

  4. this piece has a great feel to it - Rothko is such interesting artist - I hated him at first but he grows on you. Hope you are enjoying your course


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