Sunday, April 15, 2007

Google: Judy Martin Artist

My mother has been saying "Go to google, and then type in Judy-Martin-Artist" to her nurses when they compliment her on the quilt she keeps with her. My father does this as well, although he has left his quilt at home. I tried googling myself this way yesterday and three textile artists came up on the first page. Judy Martin from Cupertino California, Judy Martin who writes all those quilt books and moi, Judy Martin from Manitoulin Island, Canada. There is also a 'Judy Martin artist' who has published books about coloured pencil technique. Then I googled my name without the word "artist" and a broadcast journalist, a wrestler, a politician, a gospel singer, a real estate agent, and an organist appeared among the first 20 results. (of 2,720,000). Judy Martin seems to be a very popular name.

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  1. Hello Judy
    My name is Dianne Marcoux, I live in Hamilton Ontario, I have been looking at all the fantastic work you do, I was so excited you live in my favorite place in Canada. I visit every year, I have a cousin who lives there..
    Anyway, I see you are away from home now but when you come back could you think of joining the Canadian Textile artist ring.
    I just joined myself.. Maybe you can email when you get back home and we can chat abit. Please think about joining, Arlee (Albedo Designs) who started the ring said she was going to ask you herself but said I could if I liked.. So I like:):):) Good luck On your travels... My address is
    I'll look forward to hearig from you....


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