Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kitchen timer

One word question: How? Two word answer: Kitchen timer.
Set kitchen timer for one hour. Chain sew 2" squares of hand dyed silk velvet into grids.
Buzzer! Reset timer for another hour. Type research on Picasso into the computer.
Buzzer! Make lunch. Begin new recipe for oatmeal bread.
Set kitchen timer for one hour: Continue chain sewing of blue velvet.
Buzzer! Reset timer for another hour. Put shelves and piles of overflowing books into new bookcase. Also do laundry.
Buzzer! Reset timer for another hour. Cut more fabric. Continue sewing blue velvet.
Buzzer! Take dog for walk in the fresh snow. Start dinner, bake bread.


  1. Kristin La Flamme4:19 am

    Can we set the timer for a hour of snuggling and stroking the blue silk velvet? Can we, can we?!?

  2. Hi Judy

    Found your blog whilst surfing blogs- love your post about women and the perception of craft as made by women. Is there a way we can use that subversivenss as a counter?

  3. Good point Dijanne. And yes, I think that women can say very powerful things in their artwork using media and techniques that are traditionally thought of as womanly. Yes Yes Yes


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